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Composite đặc Z350XT - Filtek Z350XT Universal Restorative

Composite đặc Z350XT - Filtek Z350XT Universal Restorative
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Thương hiệu: 3M ESPE
Nước sản xuất: Mỹ

Building upon over 40 years of innovation in the field of restorative dentistry, 3M ESPE created, at the turn of this century, a new category of dental material—the nanocomposite. Through precise manipulation of the filler architecture at the nanoscale, 3M ESPE developed a breakthrough composite filling material, 3M™ ESPE™ Filtek™ Supreme Universal Restorative, that significantly advanced the clinical performance of universal composites. Up until the launch of this product, dentists desiring the highest esthetics in direct composite restorations chose microfills. Microfills were considered the gold standard in esthetics, however, their lack of strength, wear resistance and radiopacity limited their use to only select anterior restorations. Hybrid composites had high filler loading, but the average particle size was in the submicron range which somewhat limited their esthetic qualities. Hybrid composites provide the strength, wear resistance and radiopacity necessary for anterior and posterior use. In 2002, 3M ESPE launched Filtek Supreme restorative. This was the first product that utilized nanotechnology to provide the esthetics of a microfill and the strength of a hybrid. All of the filler particles in this novel composite are engineered nanoparticles.1 This technology provided lasting polish, excellent handling and wear similar to enamel.2

Subsequently, as a result of feedback from dentists, Filtek™ Supreme XT Universal Restorative was launched in 2005. The shades were optimized to provide more vibrant, lifelike restorations as a result of increasing the value or brightness of the shades. Since the original introduction of Filtek Supreme restorative, 3M ESPE has continued discussions with opinion leaders and general dentists regarding potential improvements desired. Based on these discussions, focus groups and other market research methods, additional improvements are realized with the introduction of Filtek™ Z350 XT Universal Restorative. The following improvements have been made to the system:

Easier to use shading system
• Color-coding by opacity
• New, easier-to-read labeling
• Extended Body shade range

Even better polish retention

Improved fluorescence

Supreme-like handling for all opacities

Improved Translucent shades
• Better Translucent shade handling
• Availability of Translucent shades in capsules
• Modified Translucent shade offering
• Translucent shades are radiopaque


Product Description

3M™ ESPE™ Filtek™ Z350 XT Universal Restorative is a visible light-activated composite designed for use in anterior and posterior restorations. All shades are radiopaque. A dental adhesive, such as those manufactured by 3M ESPE, is used to permanently bond the restoration to the tooth structure. The restorative is available in a wide variety of Dentin,
Body, Enamel and Translucent shades. It is packaged in syringes and single-dose capsules. Indications for Use Filtek Z350 XT restorative is indicated for use in:
• Direct anterior and posterior restorations (including occlusal surfaces)
• Core build-ups
• Splinting
• Indirect restorations (including inlays, onlays and veneers)


The resin system is slightly modified from the original Filtek™ Z250 Universal Restorative and Filtek™ Supreme Universal Restorative resin. The resin contains bis-GMA, UDMA, TEGDMA, and bis-EMA(6) resins. To moderate the shrinkage, PEGDMA has been substituted for a portion of the TEGDMA resin in Filtek Supreme XT restorative. The fillers are a combination of non-agglomerated/non-aggregated 20 nm silica filler, non-agglomerated/non-aggregated 4 to 11 nm zirconia filler, and aggregated zirconia/silica cluster filler (comprised of 20 nm silica and 4 to 11 nm zirconia particles). The Dentin, Enamel and Body (DEB)3 shades have an average cluster particle size of 0.6 to 10 microns. The Translucent (T)4 shades have an average cluster particle size of 0.6 to 20 microns. The inorganic filler loading is about 72.5% by weight (55.6% by volume) for the Translucent shades and 78.5% by weight (63.3% by volume) for all other shades.

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